VC is a member of the livesimply Youth Network, a group of organisations sharing the belief that we are called to live simply, sustainably, and solidarity with those who have           less than we do.


Will you sponsor a JVC volunteer?

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Looking for an experience that will change your life ... for good?

Do you want to make a difference to the lives of people in Britain’s inner cities who suffer from poverty, injustice, or social exclusion?

Do you care enough about our planet and resources to live a simple lifestyle for a year,  or even for a month?

Can you take on the challenges of living in community with other volunteers, and exploring your spirituality?

Do you need to develop your skills and experience to help you change career, or find a career in the third sector, social work, the caring professions, religious life, or any other people-centred work?

If you can give a passionate YES to most of these questions, and you are aged 18 - 35, then JVC could be what you’re looking for!

Live your values

JVC volunteers commit to living by a set of four values: community, social justice, spirituality and a simple lifestyle.

Our Year and Summer Programmes begin and end in Manchester - all it costs you is your fare there and back again. JVC provides accommodation, living costs and a modest allowance. And in the current financial climate - that’s a great opportunity. All we ask is that successful applicants try their best to find ten people who will sponsor them by donating at least £5 a month for the time they are on the programme.

Gain experience

Many young professionals use the opportunities offered by the gap year programme to gain alternative working experience that will help in making a career change, and people straight out of school or university are able to gain valuable skills and experience needed to get them on the career ladder without adding to their student debt.

Interested? Explore our site for more information, or contact us for a chat. Applications for our Year and Summer Programmes in 2014-15 open in January 2014. See our Apply page.

Unfortunately, because of changes to the UK immigration system, JVC Britain is unable to consider applicants who come from outside the European Economic Area and require a visa.

The Jesuit Volunteer Community is a work of the Jesuits in Britain.